Proof of everyday miracles

6 Jan

My good friend @Merredith shared a story on Facebook today that offered a great reminder that miracles happen around us every day.

The story of Ted Williams, a homeless man in Columbus, Ohio with the “gift of a great radio voice” (which we learn after further inspection is a skill he actually honed through years of training and experience) and the power of the the viral web. Ted had been living on the streets off and on for the last 20 years who can fallen on hard times after bouts with drugs and alchohol, although he’s been clean for 2 years.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that within 24 hours of a video interview with Ted going viral online, he’s fielding job offers from the NFL and Cleveland Cavaliers.

In fact, a Google search on news related to “Ted Willams” returns a whopping 1,183 articles and the original Columbus Dispatch video interview with Ted on YouTube has already seen more than 8.7 MILLION views in just a few days. Ted’s all a buzz in the New York Times, CBS News and a bazillion other outlets.

And now my friend Jennifer (@Mediaphyter) tells me he’s going to be on the Today Show tomorrow. It’ll be real fun to find out where he lands.

Now that, my friends, is a story that makes me proud to be human.


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