Miracle Whip’s new “pick a side” ads are pure genius

24 Feb

Miracle Whip is something you either love or hate. Like black licorice. The taste is simply not for everybody. Personally, I’m on the hate side of both. I find Miracle Whip to be far too sweet as a sandwich spread and it simply conjures up thoughts of crappy, soggy sandwiches made on white bread with Kraft American Singles and bologna. Yuck.

But I have to admit, I think Miracle Whip’s new marketing campaign urging consumers to “pick a side” that actually uses the well known consumer love/hate relationship with its product is pure genius. I think its genius because those Krafty Miracle Whip folks are providing a mechanism for both fans and non-fans of the product to add to the buzz. #MiracleWhip is was a top trend on Twitter today with plenty of Tweets from not only people who like Miracle Whip, but also those who hate it, like me. Here I am writing a frickin blog about a product I would never buy and try like heck to avoid eating. But the end result is Miracle Whip is part of the conversation.

Thanks to a quick Google search, I learned creative agency Mcgarrybowen from Chicago is behind the ads from this MediaBistro.com’s Agency Spy article. Hats off to their creative team!

Miracle Whip’s new marketing tagline is “We’re Not for Everyone” and their new ads star everyone from Pauly D of Jersey  Shore fame to comedian Amy Sedaris and plenty of regular folks too.

The ads show alternating “pro” Miracle Whip testimonies followed by “con” ones, both of which are kind of hilarious.

My favorite “con” has got to be “Miracle Whip tastes like disappointment; like spreadable disappointment.”  I also love: “I could never date anyone who likes Miracle Whip, but I could maybe be friends with them.” What fun ads they must have been to write. To take community engagement to the next level, Miracle Whip could launch a campaign to solicit user videos with their own creative takes on why they love –or hate miracle whip. Perhaps even making a contest out of it …and/or using the best footage in another commercial.

Check out Miracle Whip’s YouTube channel here to see all the ads: http://www.youtube.com/miraclewhip

Which side are you on?


2 Responses to “Miracle Whip’s new “pick a side” ads are pure genius”

  1. Miracle Whip February 25, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    We know you hate Miracle Whip and most of your readers probably do, too…and we understand. But there’s a problem. The Haters are losing on miraclewhip.com (12,000 votes to a mere 800). How about getting your readers over to the site to give it to Miracle Whip straight by declaring their hate for the condiment for the world to see? You did, so now it’s their chance. Bash us, and bash us good. Don’t let the Lovers prevail.


  1. Issue 221 - February 25, 2011

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